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Tips for effective studying: Make your schedule and stick to it. ***** Review larger subjects while repeating blocks of questions of previous subjects. (More tips on our download page...)


About Us


USMLEHelp  was started in 2001, when the authors were studying for their medical boards. There were literally hundreds of hand-written notes of “high-yield” topics! Eventually, they transferred them to a computerized database of information, including sketches, tables & their hints on how to remember things. This database was further expanded, updated & added to so you have the information you see in our books today.


The purpose of the USMLEHelp books is to help medical students & medical graduates quickly review the high-yield information for the USMLE Steps. Of course, you cannot have all the information on a book of this size! This book will, however, allow you to quickly get an overview of the “hot-topics” that you most often quickly forget. This book is not intended to be a textbook in the traditional sense, but rather a quick reference & helpful overview for the top diseases that are tested on the USMLE Steps.

Although the authors have successfully passed the boards, USMLE
Help's vision & concept has remained the same:  Gear study materials for students.  Since this book was initially created by a student, it has many features that students are looking for: Small (easily transportable), spiral bound (opens flat on your desk – no losing your page), color-coded for easy remembering, & just the facts. There is room on practically every page for your own notes.

Our books are printed on a high-end laser printer on non-glare paper.  You ask "how can they keep the price so low?" Well, we've kept them low by not using a traditional publisher.  We want any student, anywhere in the world, to be able to access & afford our (& yours too!) information.


On this note, we wish you the best of luck for your USMLE Exam.  Keep your spirits up, keep your enthusiasm in the right direction, and above all, don't lose track of your goals.  We know you can do it!

Cleveland, Ohio,  2006,  Authors & Publisher


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