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Positive self-verbalizations for studying and the exam: I will concentrate on what I know. That is a lot already. ***** There is no objective reason why I am so nervous. I will relax, and then I will remember things again. (More tips on our download page...)


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USMLE Help and the educational Radiology community Radiolopolis are collaborating on an international level and are now searching for volunteers who would like to contribute to this unique international project.

Radiolopolis has created a video section dedicated to Radiology and is seeking for helpers who search the Internet for interesting Radiology related videos and video feeds. These can be found e.g. on YouTube or Google video and other video sites. Are you interested? Then please contact We award all contributors with several USMLE related "freebees", such as free access to our online learning material etc.
Thank you and hopefully talk to you soon!

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The dynamic Radiology community for education, research and practice

Radiolopolis - The dynamic Radiology community for education, research and practice


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