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Help me, USMLEHelp!  How do I login?
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It only takes 8 easy steps to login.  We will go through the whole process with you so that you understand it all.

1 First you will purchase the subscription.

Click on the subscription you would like.

You will then be taken to the PayPal website to complete the transaction.

2 Here you have the option to pay with your PayPal account or your credit card.  We have shown how to pay with a credit card here.  You can either login with your email address or click the link which is circled.

3 It will ask you for your credit card information

4 Your email address you need to login is shown on the next page.

If you are satisfied with the information, press the pay button.

5 This is the confirmation of payment page.


This is where you click on "Return to Merchant" page.  YOU MUST DO THIS!!!! Otherwise your registration will be delayed for a few hours up to a few days.

6 The "Return to Merchant" page opens up automatically.

If you don't see the page, please go on to and press on USMLEHelp Login (located to the left upper menu, under "USMLEHelp Home") Then follow the instructions below.

And you should press "Login for First time"

7 Then you need your email address and the Invoice ID from your PayPal confirmation Email.  This is what it looks like.

Copy and Paste this Invoice ID into the "password" .

8 You will see the next page.

You type in YOUR password down below.  You will never have to worry about that long ID again.

You are done!  You can now login and start using the USMLEHelp online products!
Click here to purchase or Click here to login

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