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Tips for effective studying: What works for one person does not necessary work for you. Spend time researching what is good for you, and stick with at the most 2 books. ***** Include breaks in your schedule. (More tips on our download page...)


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  • USMLEHelp is proud to announce our "Print your own topics" for all Steps of the USMLE. You can add as much or as little as you like, print them out, and add them to your own USMLEHelp books.

USMLEHelp Reviews

    What did others say about USMLEHelp?

    USMLE Help Step 1 Anatomy Q & A:

    Itís fantastic! by Ramona Salesh
    My professor even complimented me!!

    I'm not stressed out anymore! by Christian Sellarios
    It gave me the feeling that Iím not alone in feeling frustrated with some of the questions that have been asked!

    Best value in my bookshelf! by Katherine Boyd
    This book is worth much more than any other book I have in my bookshelf.

    USMLE Help Step 2 CK products:

    Well worth the price! by John Alveda on 3 June 2007 (note 4/5)
    This book, along with C. Fisher's cards, is basically what you need to keep studying fun for this awful exam. It's got anecdotes, "time outs" and just plain good information. The images could be better, and are somewhat distracting, but I would definitely not say that it's a problem for reading/understanding the information. I give it 4-pdas, although I'd tend to say it's a 4.5.....

    Can't go wrong by Katherine J on 19 March 2007 (note 5/5)
    The price + the information makes this book absolutely indespensible. Personally, I think this book is better than the hard copy (paperback). The information is the same, but I have it everywhere! I also have the Step 2 CS version, and that is just fantastic as well. If you're taking the CK, take this book with you as well. It's all you need.

    Great concept by Roberto Benedito on 20 December 2006 (note 5/5)
    I like the concept using different colors for symptoms, treatment etc. Makes it much easier to remember for people with a more visual memory like me. It also avoids too much phrasing and comes immediately to the point. This is especially helpful in the final preparation phase when you don't want to lose too much time with reading and just want to quickly screen the facts.

    I love it! by Jeannette Matieu on 21 February 2007 (note 5/5) This is just great! I love the size and especially the color coding - makes it easy to remember the facts. And this is JUST THE FACTS. It's not a "classic" textbook - if you want to start medicine, then better buy something else. It really cuts to the chase in short phrases. Thumbs up!

    USMLE Help Step 2 CS products:

    Thanks, very handy and nice little book. by royaldragons2 on 18 July 2007 (note 5/5)
    Double quick shipping.I bought also the CS sound: Great tools!

    I needed only 2 weeks by SabrinaK on 3 June 2007 (note 5/5)
    I needed this book and 2 weeks of intensive training to pass this exam. I am a FMG, got this book on my pda, did what they said, and Voila! I passed. If you really do what they say, I have no doubt you will pass too. I also did their online courses. I am externing now, and I have gone back to this book, because I see that physical examinations are really done like that here in the US... It's a good refresher, even now. Excellent book, well worth the price.

    Fantastic! on 10 December 2006 (note 5/5)
    Finally! Something for the Pocket PC!!!

    Excellent Book on 11 December 2006 (note 5/5)
    This book has everything you need to quickly study for the USMLE Step 2 CS. I gave it 5 stars because I think it's really good. I also have the paper-form of this book, and I almost want to say, the e-book is better!!! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is planning on taking the USMLE Step 2 CS!

    Great guide for the Step 2 CS by Srinivar Anantakrishnan on 12 December 2006 (note 5/5)
    Keeps what it promises! This book is a really nice guide for CS. It has a good structure, is easy to read and - what I prefer - not too much blabla beside. It just mentions the pertinent information. I like especially the patient notes. By the way - I passed!

    A must for USMLE Step 2 CS by Yussef A. on 21 February 2007 (note 5/5)
    This book is so easily understandable and quickly read. After 1-2 times reading you'll feel confident to take the exam.

    USMLE Help Step 3 CCS products:

    Very helpful in externship by Sabrina on 3 June 2007 (note 5/5)
    I'm doing an externship in Family Medicine right now, and this book has proven to be invaluable for it. Not only does it have everything from acne to zoster, but it's really how it is in real life! I have not missed anything that I have seen in Family Practice in this book. It's all in there! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is externing, rotating, or studying for their USMLE step 3s. It's great, Very well thought out, and highly recommended.

    Great for externships! by Maik Voigt on 11 June 2007 (note 5/5)
    I am currently doing an externship in family medicine, and this book covers just about all cases that come my way. I read up on certain areas when I know who I'm seeing, and I'll be honest, the cases are actually what I get. It's fantastic. I still have to take the Step 3, but this book is a life saver in my externship.

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